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I’m so glad I got what the Apostles got, the way they got what they got it. And if you get what they got, the way they got what they got, you’ll know that you got what they got the way they got it. So God, I’m thankful that I got what they got, the way they got what they got.
Ol’ Christ Temple Testimony Service.
Indianapolis, IN
Never plan your life: you will under-plan it.
PD Mooney
Don’t honor and glorify God first
Honor and glorify God only!
Has anyone ever received the holyghost at your college, or in a service while yall were signing in the videos?

Yes. Several times


I captured some video of the move of God yesterday after FUEL but it did no justice. So here I sit trying to paint the scene with words. The service was good, nothing out of the ordinary really, until altar call. The message was entitled “If I”, pulled from 2 Kings 1:12 when Elijah says “If I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And the fire of God came down from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.” Elijah knew who he served and was confident that God would work for him, and the challenge was issued to the IBC student body to be who God has called us to be, Apostolic preachers, singers, songwriters and teachers, and let God work for them. As men and women began to pour into the altar God started to work and continued working. As students lifted their hearts and hands in total surrender, God assured ministries and qualified the called. This response to the pull of God went on through the bell and after Bro Gallion dismissed for the next class. Students tarried in the presence of an almighty God for long after chapel was over. Some just sat in the awe of the beauty of the move of God, while others turned from a committing to worship and adoration of the TRUE GOD. 

I am excited to see what God has for today’s FUEL service!

okay, well im sophmore in high schol and I have a desire to go to IBC some day and I was just wondering do you all have any events in summer?

Sorry for the delay…we dont have anything in the summer per se, we do have chorale tour that goes out. Our preview weekend takes place every Spring semester, its actually this coming weekend!

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Pastor Mooney speaks to IBC Student body about the call of God (Part 1)

High School SR: Do you have a preview weekend that I can come check out your campus?
IBC: Yes we do! IBC CONNECT is Feb 24-25, 2011. You can come and hang out at the IBC campus, check out classes and attend a chapel service with President Paul Mooney!
HS SR: What does it cost?
IBC: The cost is $25 dollars for registration for the event & covers all activities.
HS SR: So does that mean I get to stay in the dorms of IBC?
IBC: Unfortunately we are already busting at the seems with housing so adding more bodies to the dorms would make a less pleasant experience. We have a discounted rate with a nearby hotel we can hook you up with but you are welcome to find your own hotel also via online hotel finders.
HS SR: Who do I contact if I have questions concerning IBC CONNECT 2011?
IBC: You can contact our front office or Promotions Director. Here's the contact info: IBC Front Office Manager: Sis Rodenbush: t- 317.554.8069 ext 300:e- IBC Promotions Director: Bro Henderson: t- 317.554.8069 ext 303: e-
HS SR: Thanks, I'll hit you up if I have anymore questions!
IBC: Please do! Look forward to seeing you at IBC CONNECT 2011!